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A home for members and friends of the American Chemical Society's Georgia Section throughout the greater Atlanta area and its vicinity.

Chemical Business Group


The Chemical Businesses (CHB) Group was started as a self-sustaining committee of the Georgia Section. From 2008 through 2011, several initiatives were begun to explore the interests of the Georgia Section’s chemical business community.  The group provides a forum for the more than 300 CHB within the 31 counties encompassing the Georgia Section, of which metro-Atlanta is a subset.  The forum fosters business development through B2B networking, and networking by job function, across various chemical industry sectors.

Typical participants have business responsibilities, either in new business development or sales and marketing. The Group attracts a core group of industry members who support the effort and actively participate in events.  Participating companies range from very small to multinational firms.  In fact, we had to drop “small” from the group name because local divisions of multi-national companies wanted to be included and because mid-size companies did not want to join an organization for small companies.  Participating companies represent chemical manufacturing, equipment and instrumentation, laboratory services, and consulting services.


The mission of the CHB Group is to provide greater value to industry members by:

  • Fostering networking among chemical businesses in the greater Atlanta area
  • Fostering discussions on new technologies and new markets that are rapidly growing in the US and overseas
  • Creating new business linkages
  • Sharing resource information, expertise, and future employment opportunities
  • Providing an opportunity to reconnect with the ACS and the Georgia Section
  • Increasing awareness of individual chemical businesses about each other
  • Raising the visibility of our chemical business community to the business community at large

Some examples of past meetings and seminars targeted at the chemical industry include:

  • Showcase 2012 in which chemical companies, suppliers and buyers met to network and find new opportunities. The Showcase was held in conjunction with the Georgia Section Academia/Industry Forum.  This effort received 3 Chemluminary Awards in 2013
  • Symposium on “New Opportunities in the Chemical Industry” at SERMACS 2013 featuring industry leading speakers
  • Let’s Get Acquainted Luncheon with local members of the BMGT and SCHB Divisions in 2014.

If you are interested in participating in events or would like to join the steering committee, please send an email to