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Women Chemists Committee (WCC) STEM Outreach Program

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 10:05 AM

The WCC decided last year to actively serve in the community through outreach for STEM awareness and support. The committee connected with the science teacher at Pleasantdale Elementary school in Doraville and decided to volunteer at the school. WCC is serving as a scientific knowledge resource and volunteering during science-related activities. WCC has volunteered at the school over the last year via the Science Fair, STEM Day, and Career Day.

The fifth-grade science fair activities included mentoring the students with their projects and judging the final poster board displays. WCC mentors guided the kids into developing more quantitative vs. qualitative data and encouraged the children to not procrastinate on their projects.

In March this year, WCC helped with another STEM Day at the school. The STEM Day was divided into two parts - a Science Olympiad for third through fifth grade in the morning and interactive demonstrations in the afternoon for kindergarten to second grade. Science Olympiad is new this year and includes several different team challenges with the classroom teacher. WCC provided support for the interactive demonstrations with five different demos for each class during each grade level rotation.

The goal of WCC is to continue to provide resources and support for science-related activities at the school. Pleasantdale Elementary school is in the process of becoming Georgia STEM Certified. If you are interested in learning more about our initiative or joining the WCC, please email us at

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