Georgia Section

A home for members and friends of the American Chemical Society's Georgia Section throughout the greater Atlanta area and its vicinity.

Officers (2014)

Names, titles, e-mail addresses, and term dates are provided below (Note that the chair-elect, chair, and past-chair positions are each held for one year in a succession indicated by the 3-year term below.)

Position      Name
Chair      John Faes    2013-2015
Chair-Elect      Joel Pollino    2014-2016
Past Chair      David Ladner    2012-2014
Secretary      Pamela Leggett-Robinson    2013-2014
Treasurer      Reagan Charney
Member-At-Large      Toby Block    2013-2014
      Jason Lye    2014-2015
Councilor      Lissa Dulany    2012-2014
      David Gottfried    2012-2014
      Terry Say    2013-2015
      David Sherrill    2014-2016
Alternate Councilor      Holly Davis    2012-2014
      Joe Stoner    2013-2015
      Don Hicks    2014-2016