Georgia Section

A home for members and friends of the American Chemical Society's Georgia Section throughout the greater Atlanta area and its vicinity.

Job Board

The ACS Georgia Section has not screened the job positions shown, nor does it have a business relationship with the organizations announcing the openings.  Openings are posted only as a courtesy to our members.  Please submit job listings to the webmaster.

All postings will be removed after 60 days unless the position is filled and a request to remove the job is received by the webmaster.

2018 Theme

The Georgia Local Section of the ACS has selected the theme, A Year of Giving: Catalyzing Chemistry via Community, for its 2018 programming. A Year of Giving refers to the outreach and education of technical and non-technical audiences about the importance of chemists and chemistry via the coupling of commonplace and technical chemistry ideas. We hope you will join and support us in this critical mission.