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Georgia Chemistry Olympiad 2016

Dr. Heather Abbott-Lyon (KSU) coordinated the 2016 Chemistry Olympiad for the Georgia Section with the help of Dr. Glen Meades (KSU).

Exam results were received from 937 students from 28 high schools plus five additional students who were either dual-enrollment at KSU, home-schooled or from a high school that opted not to administer the exam at their location. The number of school and student participants over the past several years are shown below.

Georgia Section Participation in the Local Chemistry Olympiad Competition


Number of Students

Number of Schools






















The Local Exam results were used to select 13 finalists to take the National Exam as per the Olympiad rules. Since the rules of the USNCO program do not allow more than two students from any high school to take the national exam, we decided to recognize the top 5% of students who took the exam within the section. This year, students needed to answer at least 42 of 60 questions correctly (i.e., score a 70% or better) in order to qualify. These students received a certificate of achievement, which were provided free of charge by the USNCO program office. Names of the Georgia Section finalists are listed below and the top 50 students are listed here.

Georgia Section Finalists for the 2016 USNCO National Examination


High School

Chemistry Teacher

Hassaan Asif

Brookwood High School

Steve Thompson

Karl Patram

Brookwood High School

Steve Thompson

Eric Wang

Chattahoochee High School

Matthew Mihordea

Ashwin Ramaswami

Chattahoochee High School

Matthew Mihordea

Ahmed Farah

Lakeside High School


Jonathan Jeffrey

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

Patricia Caldwell

Timothy Gieseking

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

Patricia Caldwell

Amanda Lang

Lambert High School

Cindy Philpot

James Bronsted

The Lovett School

Bryan Overly

Nicholas Klavohn

The Lovett School

Bryan Overly

Joanna Choe

North Gwinnett High School

Jessica Ames

Irene Zhou

Northview High School

Rebecca Bingham

Aaron Fishburn

Northview High School

Rebecca Bingham

The National Exam was offered at Kennesaw State University on Saturday April 23rd 2016. Eric Wang of Chattahoochee High School achieved the rank of High Honors; Karl Patram of Brookwood High School and Ashwin Ramaswami of Chattahoochee High School achieved the rank of Honors, scoring in the top 152 students who took the National Exam.

Georgia Chemistry Olympiad 2015

Every year the American Chemical Society hosts the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) competition for outstanding high school chemistry students. In 2015, 850 students from 29 local high schools plus one home-schooled students competed to represent the Georgia Local Section (GLS) in the national competition. The local competition was administered at 29 locations throughout the GLS in early March. Based on a 60-question multiple choice examination, the following students qualified to take the USNCO examination on Saturday April 18th at Kennesaw State University.

 Jordan Benjamin Home schooled with dual-enrollment at Kennesaw State University
 Mitesh Bhalani    Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (GSMST)
 Dylan Bulfin   Newnan High School
 Nicholas Chang North Gwinnett High School
 Trevor Head    
 Kennesaw Mountain High School
 Euiseong Jeoung  North Gwinnett High School
 Alice Lin    Northview High School
 Samuel Mohr   Atlanta International School
 Cindy Nguyen  Brookwood High School
 Nilai Sarda      Westminster High School
 Aaron Torporek   Walton High School
 Amitej Venapally    Northview High School
 Eric Wang    
 Chattahoochee High School

Eric Wang received special recognition (Honors) for scoring in the top 142 students on the USNCO exam, which more than 1,000 students took this year. The national examination is a lengthy three part exam, consisting of multiple choice, free response and lab practical portions.

In addition to these 13 students, the Georgia Local Section would like to recognize students who scored in the top 50 within the GLS this year. These students and their chemistry teachers should be congratulated for their high achievement.

Participation in the ACS Chemistry Olympiad program has substantially improved in the GLS over the past several years. However, we hope to increase participation even further.

Recent GLS Participation in the Local Chemistry Olympiad Competition
 Year Number of StudentsNumber of Schools
 2010 344 17
 2011 347 19
 2012 402 20
 2013 591 25
 2014 634 23
 2015 850 29

We have up-to-date contact information for the high schools listed below. If you know a chemistry instructor at a high school not on our list, please contact the local Chemistry Olympiad coordinator, Dr. Heather Abbott-Lyon at Your assistance with this project is very important and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Atlanta International School
Brookwood High School
Central Gwinnett High School
Chamblee Charter High School
Chattahoochee High School
Collins Hill High School
Darlington School
Decatur High School
East Coweta High School
Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (GSMST)
Hillgrove High School
Johns Creek High School
Kennesaw Mountain High School
LaGrange Academy
Lambert High School
McIntosh High School
Mill Springs Academy
Mount Pisgah Christian School
Mountain View High School
Newnan High School
North Gwinnett High School
North Murray High School
North Springs Charter
Northgate High School
Northview High School
Pace Academy
Paulding County High School
Peachtree Ridge High School
Pinewood Christian Academy
River Ridge High School
Riverwood International Charter School
Rockdale Magnet School
South Forsyth High School
Stephens County High School
Thomas County Central High School
Veterans High School
Walton High School
Wheeler High School
The Westminster Schools

2017 Theme

The Georgia Local Section of the ACS has selected the theme, A Year of Giving: Catalyzing Chemistry via Community, for its 2017 programming. A Year of Giving refers to the outreach and education of technical and non-technical audiences about the importance of chemists and chemistry via the coupling of commonplace and technical chemistry ideas. We hope you will join and support us in this critical mission. 

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